Is this a Victory Motorcycle only event?

While we like for our attendees to ride the best motorcycle on the planet, we welcome all riders. Our event is the same weekend as the USRiderNews Reunion Run so there will be thousands of bikes in Helen during our event. Plenty of folks with all different brands.

Is this a Victory corporate event?

No. We are in no way affiliated with Polaris Industries. We are simply a group of Victory enthusiasts that enjoy riding some of the best roads in the USA! We also enjoy socializing and partying with some of the best folks around. As Victory has since ceased operation, we don’t expect any support from Polaris.  TTWFO!

What happen to registration?

As a small group of volunteers, we have been putting on a show from 2005-2017.  We decided to scale back the rally to make it much simpler to manage.  Basically, registration is free.  Come and ride with friends and family and we will work to bring vendors.  No t-shirt, patches, DJs or party tent.  Just a group of Victory enthusiasts riding the mountains around Helen and having a good time.  A family reunion!


What else is there to do in Helen?

Helen is a family oriented tourist destination surrounded by some of the best riding in the country. However, there is plenty to do in and around Helen other than just riding. Visit a winery, float down the river, take a helicopter ride, check out a waterfall or have fun shopping in this Bavarian town. Also there are some really good places to eat as well in Helen. Check out this link for more info:


Do I have to be a member of a club to attend?

No. Our only requirement is that you have a passion for Victory Motorcycles. However, the group of guys that founded the rally are members of The Victory Motorcycle Club. You should really check the club out if you want more info about Vics.

Where do I stay?

Country Inn and Suites is our host hotel. This hotel usually fills up pretty quickly. Helen is full of hotels and cabins for rent. Check your favorite travel site for deals in and around Helen. You may also check for cabin rentals.

Do I have to stay at the host hotel to have fun?

No! We have events going on all the time at various places in and around Helen. You can stay anywhere in the area and party at the host hotel. Helen is a small town. Most are within walking distance.

Are Indians welcome at this event?

Absolutely!   Many of our vendors and sponsors supply parts and accessories to both Victory and Indian.